Blue diary…

Be you.

“Chini ya maji”

Do not ask me where I have been all this time.I probably won’t answer. But for curiousity sake,I have been fighting with words and wondering which ones will make my days worthwhile.

The words that keep cracking my ribs day by day are the kind of “Chini ya maji” Yes,I can see you are also smiling. So I keep wondering, why under the waters?(chini ya maji?) For we all know only fish and other sea creatures survive there.Ofcourse I also use this word,but I barely understand why anything should be under the water.Lol

Fear of the unknown.

Sometimes,when we are faced with challenges,our natural insticts react with fright.As much as writers and philosophers say challenges are there as stepping stones to success,these challenges break us at first.They make us fear the unknown,and lose hope in ever getting there. We start putting ifs and buts,without realising how much time we lose in wishful thinking.
In that situation we desire the fantasies,because they are necessary.Everyone seems to have accomplished so much.The difference between them and you is a thin one. They identified their ambitions,set their goals,widened their limits,and overcame the fear of trying.


Solemnity is for the cautious,those behind the scenes

No man’s island forms the biosphere

Self esteemed persons wiped out

Solemnity surpasses capability,with limitations inevitable

Solemnity is a way of life,its fangs deep in creativity

It eradicates boredom and low spirits

Flapping the wings of solo hobbies,soaring high into the horizons

Solemnity is a spiritual exercise,the ability to maintain sanity

It is for the strong willed,survivors of life’s temporary crises

Solemnity balances complex.

No war tonight

Soldiers are on trail,the breys alert

The gossiping housewives,poping in the yards

Pretty wizards,Bre and Tre

Lets go,no war tonight

Just the dark lanes,owls and creepiness

I’m not afraid tonight.

The air is creepy too,branches sway in unison

The soldiers are ready,to forgive the corpses

The gateskeepers are easy,watching the frenzies

Its halloween.

I am in love

My hand trembles,my writing sketches

Why is falling in love so torturous?

I hold my flirtations,yes I believe in love 

….Your stare make  my sockets pop and your silky touch,squeezes my sweat glands

I’m left gasping for breath,holding on to the bench

I close my eyes,and curse out loud.I want to resist the feeling,

My heart strings are too tight,I can feel them pounding.
My arteries rattle my being,with blood gushing through.

The rain pours,the mist roars

The lane is dark,but your eyes illuminate my soul

Every stare holds a promise, every smile a fortune.

Your fingers tickle my being, your presence gives meaning to my existence

Your height,gives me courage to face the world, as tall as I have never been

Your wits scares impunity, your calculations solves the equations

Take me with you, lets explore the horizons,together.

Lets believe together.


I know you are wondering if i am in love. I am also wondering whether you are in love. I mean,who is not in love? Even those who have a “single and not searching “tag are secretly in love with someone who is either taken or not.

How often do you express your love to your loves ones? Don’t answer that. With all the life’s drama,we all need to be appreciated. And as a woman,I also want to appreciate and be appreciated everyday.Show some love people!

Hello reader.

This being my first post on this blog,I want to encourage readers and potential writers.Writing is a devine call,you get to express life,and many other things that have no common definition.

Writing is like a volcano erupting from withing yourself,its sketching feelings,opinions and emotions in a poetic language

I hope you enjoy my day to day articles.

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